What Are We About?

HEAL Holistic Journey, Inc is a recovery nonprofit organization that  provides prevention services and holistic support for people, from people with lived experience with substance use disorders and trauma. We support people that experience substance use and mental health challenges. 

We are 100% supported by donations and grants.

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Our Mission

HEAL Holistic Journey's mission is to create community connection through a heart centered approach of providing  holistic support, education, advocacy and resources for families and individuals affected from substance use and mental health challenges.

Our Vision

To create a recovery ecosystem that educates and supports individuals, families, and community members recovering from trauma and addictions with holistic modalities from persons with lived experiences. Our goal is to  provide the community with training and peer support services for workforce development and community sustainability. 

We believe that a healthy and supported community with education and resources helps reduce stigma while helping individuals gain the life skills and inner healing with alternative coping skills from trauma.

Wellness Outreach Program 

Volunteer based program that provides a WHOL-istic approach for community wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic practitioners that includes but not limited to certified Reiki Practitioners, massage therapists, life coaches, nutritionists, peer specialist and  recovery coaches. recovery advocates, wellness advocates, and family recovery coaches. To provide the community with holistic services through outreach and holistic education to support overall wellness within the community.

Our Core Values

1. Integrity

2. Compassion

3. Respect

4. Empowerment

We need you. This is a community organization with people with lived experience with substance use and mental health challenges or people that have experienced trauma and are looking for a new pathway to heal their life experiences.

If you are looking to be involved, give back. Our community organization is looking for volunteers and donors. 

Please contact us for more information about board involvement, sponsorship, and community collaboration opportunities.

We lead with radical love and open hearts. Join us in our holistic advocacy and help us help the community come together to celebrate hope and healing.