Serena Gunn Stornello Bio

Founder and Executive Director 

Serena Gunn Stornello identifies as a person in recovery from a substance use disorder and promotes holistic modalities for people to find relief from symptoms of addictions and mental health challenges. She is the founder and director of HEAL Holistic Journey, Inc a recovery organization that advocates for people with mental health and substance use challenges and promotes holistic recovery. She is currently attending the University of Michigan - Flint for social work and is a member of the Phi Alpha Honor Society. Serena’s driving force is her belief that a person can live a life healed from intergenerational trauma and learn ways to cope with life stressors. She shares her experience with substance use and mental health challenges and how people with similar experiences helped her navigate the waters of recovery. She advocates for the expansion of peer recovery support with holistic modalities, prevention, education and harm reduction approaches for all humans. 

She is a certified alcohol and drug counselor in Michigan and North Carolina. Serena is a 2016 Rising Phoenix Nominee for her advocacy in addiction recovery. She formerly served as the President and later program coordinator of Serenity House Communities in Flint Michigan. She also served as President at the 513 Recovery Clubhouse in 2022 another recovery nonprofit in Flint Michigan. She currently provides counseling to teens struggling with the use of substances at Flint Odyssey House, Inc. and is a proud graduate of the Odyssey Program in 2017. Serena is also a State Certified Peer Recovery Coach for Michigan. 

She became one of the first Recovery Reiki® Masters in Tulum, Mexico in February 2022. Serena is an acupuncture detoxification specialist and intuitive mentor on holistic solutions for the community. She was selected for a National Advocacy Training “Mobilize Recovery” in 2019 and currently works with the North Carolina Recovery Advocacy Project team to help create change for those who need it most. 

She is a believer of the people, a mother of two, stepmother of two and a wife. Serena is active in a 12 step program and mentors women to help them find their truest self. She is a believer in healing, magic, energy and recovery. Serena currently resides in Eastover, North Carolina with her daughter Serenity and husband, a person in recovery also, Angelo.